dimanche 14 octobre 2018

xPERT-O, a collaborative tool to enlighten key challenges in a complex situation

This is the abstract of the presentation we will do during TFC2018.

Authors: Xavier Lepot, Axel Neveux, Stéphane Badts, Yves Guillou, Séverine Baudrux and Nadia Lelandais

Keywords: Interactive web tool, Co-construction, directed network, Centrality algorithm, Virtual reality

Therefore, we developed xPERT-O, an interactive webtool to analyze situations on a collaborative frame. Principle is simple: challenges harvested during the analysis are introduced by participants in the form of documented nodes logically linked in cause-and-effect relationships. 2017-award winning xPERT-O allows more than 40 people, not necessary located at same place, to simultaneously collaborate on case studies and build directed networks by applying simple heuristics. Centrality algorithms help to determine which nodes have the greatest impact. By using multiple filtering /sorting possibilities, the network is made clearly understandable by human eye. A 3D Virtual Reality mode is currently developed to better explore complex situations and pin up key issues.

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